Imagine waking up in the middle of the night only to find you or a loved one with a fever or it is a Sunday and your son broke his finger when he was playing ball with friends. Or, think about being on a business trip or a family trip, and you start throwing up. In all these scenarios, there is an emergency situation and you want to know where there is an emergency clinic near me that you can trust for high-quality medical care and treatment, such as our emergency clinic Orlando.

If you are not sure what the difference is between an emergency clinic and an emergency room, here is a quick comparison:

Emergency Room
The “ER” is the place to go for a serious medical emergency or something that is life threatening. For example, if a person collapsed at work or had a known cardiac condition, it is important that they report to an emergency room.

An ER must be open 24 hours a day. Even then, be prepared to wait awhile when you come to the emergency room. The cost at the ER is expensive, and they want to see your insurance provider. If you do not have insurance, you may be sent to a different hospital for treatment.

Emergency Clinic
An emergency clinic is more of a place to go when you need medical treatment but cannot wait for your doctor’s office to open the next morning or at the start of the week. This is the place to come if your child was injured or you think you have a flu or ear infection. Just think of an emergency clinic as the place to come when your primary physician is not available, and that includes those of you that may be visiting the Orlando area for business or pleasure and have no local doctor in case you need one.

Here, like our emergency clinic Orlando, we can handle less extreme injuries and medical conditions. Our medical professionals, including board-certified doctors and nurses, are trained to identify and treat a wide range of conditions.

While we have extended hours and an emergency hotline, our emergency doctor Orlando does not have to stay open 24 hours a day so after a certain hour in the evening you would have to seek care at a hospital. However, we are open 365 days a year and are fully staffed, so you do not have to wait so long between exam and treatment.

The cost at an emergency clinic is much less than a hospital. We accept cash and credit cards as well as most insurance companies so that you can be sure to receive a good price for excellent health care.

If you are seeking an emergency doctor Orlando, then contact us today or visit our clinic to get on the road to recovery.

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